32 Gb iPAD 3 best in Tablet PC

32 Gb iPAD 3 best in Tablet PC

32 Gb iPAD 3 best in Tablet PC

The Best in Tablets: The 32 GB Apple iPad 3 with WiFi


Tablet technology has come a long way from the beginning, but what hasn’t changed is that Apple leads the pack and the new 32 GB Apple iPad 3 proves this out. If you’re here, it’s because you’ve been searching for one of these fantastic tablets for yourself and we’re here to help you out! The new Apple iPad 3 with WiFi is considered to be the supreme choice of tablet users; it has built on past successes to create a device which no one will want to be without. How has this tablet become the best of the best?

The new 32 GB Apple iPad 3 with WiFi features the following:


  • Huge storage. 32 GB of storage (or 16, 32 or 64Gb) lets you store more of your favourite movies, music, shows and pictures.
  • Amazing resolution: 2048 x 1536 pixels will make all of your visuals pop
  • Duel cameras (back and front) with a resolution of 5 mega pixels-comparable with many older digital cameras, though of course on a cleaner screen.
  • A battery that lasts up to 10 hours and WiFi that gives you up to ten hours of internet time.
  • A dual-core processor gives you lightning speed when moving between files on your iPad.
  • Extra perks include Twitter integration, music player which can run MP4s, MP3, WAV and ACCs, voice dictation, Google Maps and the ability to read PDFs including iBooks.
  • Safari browser
  • Comes in black or white


And way more, though these things are the things which consumers from casual users to managers and employees to heavy tech heads will love. Whether you love watching movies on the go or you want to juggle several projects at once, the Apple iPad 3 has you covered.


The only real downside here is the weight: the Apple iPad 3 is slightly heavier than its predecessors, but with so much inside, can you really blame it? The other problem?


Drool factor.


If you want the very best in tablets, look no further than the new 32 GB Apple iPad 3 (insert your hyperlink where the text is blue and underlined) with WiFi. Camera, music, video, recording, web surfing and storing your favourite memories, this guy can do it all. Have fun!

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