HDR Now Available for iPhone XS and XS Max

HDR Now Available for iPhone XS and XS Max

The codecs used by the new iPhone series may not be YouTube’s cup of tea but the media giant has moved swiftly to assure that the video quality remains great. A recent update for the iOS app has enabled HDR support for the new iPhone XS and XS Max.

The new iPhones were released a few days ago an people were quick to observe that the YouTube app lacked the ability to play high dynamic range content, while the iPhone 8 and 8 Plus, along with the iPhone X and iPad Pro. 1080p is now available so you can watch your favorite content in style.

YouTube has also recently launched a ‘’Signature Device’’ initiative, which lists which devices offer the greatest experience while you are using the platform. As of now, only Android devices appear on the least because Apple has not embraced the VP9 coded. The codec in question allows the streaming of higher resolution content while using a smaller bandwidth. This is why most Apple device remains caped at 1080p, even the Apple TV 4K.

While the iPhone was slow to adopt some innovations, it often delivered them at a better standard when they were included.

When the first iPhone was introduced, it was not the first touchscreen device. But it was the first to offer the now staple multi-touch gestures like pinch-to-zoom. Users fell in love with these mechanics and a decade later, the only phones that only have buttons are cheap senior feature phones (and even those are falling).

The App Store

The decision to create a unified and exclusive official app store may have been one of the best choices taken by Apple. Developers around the world where able to create and submit apps directly to Apple, without the need to involve a third party and the ability to instantly download and install apps with the touch of a button made it a hit. Even today, the iOS ecosystem boasts some unique apps that can be found on the Play Store.

Hello Siri

While Siri may not be the most accurate assistant ever, its introduction back in 2011 has certainly popularized the virtual assistant experience. Alexa may have overtaken Siri as the most popular assistant, but with each new version, it gets faster, smarter, better.

Finger security

Touch ID arrived with the iPhone 5S back in 2013 and became an essential part of the iPhone experience. Besides conveniently unlocking your phone in a fast and secure manner, it also allows secure payments via Apple Pay. While it was absent on the iPhone X and the new XS series, many think that an improved version will arrive in 2019.

The magic of iCloud

iCloud brought a host of new features to the iPhones when it was introduced. Allowing seamless synchronization between all your iPhones was a well-received function, and the cloud storage space came in handy when your device became overstuffed with pictures. It also brought pain to thieves, as the device cannot be wiped unless you opt for jailbreak or a pricy motherboard swap.

Looking good

The iconic aluminum body has now been remade several times over, but it was Apple that made it famous. Once a premium look, it can now be found on mid-range devices, as Apple opted to cover recent devices in a Gorilla Glass front and back (a trend quickly followed by many competitors).

While HDR may not be an innovation, nor was it introduced by Apple, YouTube was quick to acknowledge that iOS users represent a significant part of the user base, and offered the update in a matter of dates.

While many companies and persons continue to criticize certain decision Apple takes (like the lack of memory card support for iPhones and iPads) the company is looking forward to the future.

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