resetting the samsung m2070 printer counter

resetting the samsung m2070 printer counter

The printer is programmed to print a certain number of sheets, and even after refilling the cartridge, it will still regard it as empty. There are 2 ways out: buy a new cartridge or give the printer to reflash, after which the printer will no longer recognize the chip, which limits the number of pages and you can continue to refuel the cartridge.

Samsung Xpress M2070 is a multifunctional device for black and white laser printing, scanning and copying documents. The model uses cartridges MLT-D111S and MLT-D111L with a resource of 1000 and 1800 pages, respectively. The cost of the original from Samsung is from 3500 rubles for the first model and from 4500 rubles for the second. Given that the cost of the printer within 10 thousand, it becomes relevant to find a replacement for the original.

By analogy with inkjet printers immediately raises the idea of filling the ink cartridge. In the case of a laser printer, it is dry ink, a powder called toner. But manufacturers have also provided such an option and put on their devices a special chip that will block printing if you fall asleep toner without buying a new cartridge. After all, the business of selling consumables and related products is often more profitable than the sale of the equipment itself. The client will not be able to use his expensive printer if there is no ink in the cartridge.

But skilled technicians have found a way to bypass the manufacturer’s protection and cheat the printer by replacing the native software. This process is called flashing. You can flash or reflash the Samsung Xpress M2070 MFP by installing a special program and performing simple setup steps. This can be done once, and then calmly without problems to fill the toner.

What is flashing and why do I need it
If flashing is the replacement of the factory SOFTWARE, the firmware is both the replacement process and the program installed on the computer. These terms are often used synonymously with the same procedure.

Instead, the process often uses the following methods:

replacing the chip each time you refill: for Samsung 2070 sold non-genuine cartridges with the replaced chip, which the printer treats as a brother. They are cheaper than the original, but more expensive than just toner.
reprogramming the chip before refilling: similar to replacing, just using special tools to make changes at the factory. But not all models of cartridges are supported and not always all works well, so the method is very questionable.
Thus, Samsung 2070 printer firmware is the most profitable and easy way to save on consumables. The main thing is to perform the algorithm correctly, then in the future it will be possible not to think about the problem of refueling.

IMPORTANTLY. Replacing the m2070 firmware will void the manufacturer’s warranty. In addition, in case of inept execution, the device threatens to fail. If you are not confident in their abilities, you can contact a specialized workshop. Although there is no guarantee that there are experienced professionals.

The procedure of flashing
The Samsung 2070 printer chip records the number of printed sheets. After a certain amount it gives a signal to the device and then blocks the ability to print files. Even if you refuel the toner, the situation will not change. The firmware will allow you to break the connection between the m2070 and the chip and freely use and after many refills.

Firmware is a special program developed by specialists. It can be downloaded for free on the Internet. It is important not only the model of the equipment, but also what is currently installed firmware, chip number on the cartridge and serial number. Each device has its own chip number, and the correct firmware should be developed for a specific device. Otherwise, you risk being left without a printer.

The exact model can be found on the label on the back of the printer, and the rest of the information can be obtained from the configuration report. If the cartridge is already locked, you can force the Samsung 2070 report to print as follows:

You need to go to the service menu using a short sequence of button presses: “Menu, Back, Left, Right, OK, Stop, Menu”.
Go to menu “Report”, “Configuration”, select “Information about supplies. materials.»
Firmware version m2070 will be located in the line “system firmware version”, and the chip number in the” Serial Number “in the form of” CRUM-xxxxxxxxxxxx”, where instead of crosses a set of numbers. This information is needed to buy Samsung 2070 firmware.

Samsung 2070

On the machine off, press and hold the Stop button.
Turn on m
When the Download mode message appears, release and press Stop again immediately.
The Wait mode message should now appear.
The archive with the firmware will be two files: one name begins with one, and the second is called usbprns2.EXE. Do the following:

Drag the first file to the second one.
A black window will open and the Samsung m2070 printer will start flashing.
Wait for it to reboot.
You can remove the chip from the cartridge, it is no longer needed, but do not throw out, because it can be useful if the device will have any problems.

If the Samsung 2070 firmware is successful, it will no longer show the ink level, more precisely, it will always be 100%. You will learn about the ending toner when printing documents: white stripes will appear, the quality will deteriorate. Thus, there is no need to buy expensive cartridges from Samsung. If you happen to lock the cartridge again, you will most likely have to reflash the chip on the MFP Board, which already requires special skills and equipment. But, if you did everything correctly, such a problem should not arise.

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